Hey there! I’m a Creative Designer based in sunny Singapore


Think, Inspire, Create

Many a times we experience "Mind Blocks" or rather we expect that "Eureka" moment to hit us with that fantastic idea! A think tank playground you might call it, to help facilitate the creative process, with the objective to trigger that 'AHA' moment.

Life is full of surprises and things are constantly evolving, new and exciting discoveries are made each day. You'll never know how sometimes an ordinary, mundane or discarded thing or object could eventually change our lifestyle or how we perceive the everyday ordinary that surrounds us. A little seed is all you need that could help nurture that bright spark or give birth to something extraordinary.

A constant seeker, learner, explorer by constantly challenging, experimenting and pushing boundaries and limits of how an idea or a concept can be further developed, evolved or transformed into something of potential. However, at times it can also be uncertain and daunting when you're in dire need for an inspiration. Getting started is by far for me the hardest part, but when the ball starts rolling then it gets easier as time passes. Idea and creativity are like hidden gems and treasures that has be nurtured and safe guarded, because if left unattended it can whiter and fade away.

Having more than 10 years of visual design experience and worked with various type of creative projects, I have developed my craft and knack for anything that is visually stimulating through the lens of my eyes and canvas of the mind. Ideas comes in many forms, shapes and sizes - i'm a seeker things that are cool, trendy, unique, weird, bizarre, interesting, new, old, quirky, odd, fascinating, inspirational or just plain old fun.



I'm currently looking for any creative positions full-time, contract or freelance jobs and work. Do drop me a message or send your enquiry. I can be reached via email or on my mobile at 89233101

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